* hot choc treat *

The five best bits: a much-needed Monday day off + the start of the post-Christmas lacrosse season. It’s so good  to be back in action baby + an amazing post- Saturday work stir fry cooked by G. Holy moly was that bad boy delicious. I ate quite a hefty portion…! + the discovery of the amazing on-the-go phone saviour that is the Juice Cube. How the hell have I lived so long without that little wonder, eh?! For those of you not in the know, this sneaky cube – which comes in a variety of colours – is a quick and easy gadget which charges up your phone while you’re out and about. It’s been a ruddy life saviour in recent weeks + cracking into my Christmas candle stash – my Neom additions in particular have been most popular with visitors to the flat

Beauty product pick of the week: my skin has been pretty horrendous these past few days – despite my mega impressive water consumption – and I’ve been relying quite heavily on my much-loved line up of clay masks to see me through the hard times. Stand out favourites include the Origins Out of Trouble Mask and the REN Invisible Pores Detox Mask

On the agenda: sleep, work, some more sleep, some more work *snore*

News flash: this is something of a weird time of year for me. I’m mega sad about Christmas ending but starting get a leeetle bit excited about my birthday coming up in a few weeks, but also still slightly bummed because everyone else in the world seems to hate January. Hoping they buck up in time for some birthday fun

Pause for thought: I’ve been living away from home for a few years now and yet there are still things that I am completely clueless about in terms of ‘real world’ experience. Like the dentist for example – who knew it was so expensive to see a private one and so ruddy tricky to find an NHS one?! Looks like that wisdom tooth will just have to heal itself…

Hope you all have a lovely week!

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* just your average saturday night *


* beautify me baby *


* my iphone’s getting juicy *


* the funniest text conversation ever *


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