As much as I love Christmas – and boy, do I love Christmas – the seemingly never-ending stream of delicious food, champagne, wine, late night Christmas movie nights, and all the late nights in general, tend to leave skin feeling a little less than fantastic.

Thankfully, I have a few items in my skincare arsenal that are perfect to call upon when skin needs a bit of a detox, including this beauty, the Elemental Herbology Bio-Cellular Super Cleanse. A cream/gel hybrid formula, this cleanser takes off all traces of make up and leaves the face feeling fresh and nourished. Full to the brim of natural ingredients, it is one of those safe-as-houses go-to jobs that tends to work its gentle magic on any and all skin types.

Application-wise, I like to apply a small dollop of this to dry skin, massage in for a minute or two, and then remove with a flannel or muslin – depends on what I have handy! Having had this in my cupboards for a couple of months now, I’m thrilled at the difference it has made to my skin, helping to clear up blemishes quickly and effectively without drying or stripping skin. An all-round winner in my eyes and perfect for giving the complexion a bit of a boost post-Christmas extravagance. Now where are those chocolates…?


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