On Sunday afternoon, I dragged G along to the Tottenham Court Road Primark to stock up on a few bits and pieces – as you can imagine he was thrilled – and oh boy do they have a lot of great stuff in there at the moment. So great in fact that I couldn’t resist the chance to share with you some of my favourite items from what turned out to be rather a mammoth shopping trip.

First up, the more fashion-forward pieces – an amazingly patterned chunky cardigan that is cosy and warm but still structured enough to look quite smart. Needless to say it was love at first sight. The other two items are slightly more boring but just so warm and toasty; while stocking up on my favourite fleece-lined Super Cosy tights, I noticed that they have added a new product to the lined tight range – the Velvet Plush leggings. Lined with fleecy velvet, these super stretchy leggings are incredibly cosy and are sure to keep you really ruddy warm which I feel may come in handy during those bitter January/February cold snaps.

So, sensible warm items out of the way, I moved onto the more ridiculous festive bits and bobs… Having searched and searched for the Primark fairisle bedding (yes, yes the one that everyone has), I finally stumbled across one set left looking lonely on a shelf and obviously needed to give it a home. Add to it some festive-looking reindeer pillowcases and a delightful fleecy red throw and my bed has been left looking seriously Christmassy.

Next up, this year’s Christmas jumper. Having triumphed – in my humble opinion – with my jumper effort last year, also from Primark, I decided to do things a little differently this year and opted for a hooded Crimbo pud which I ruddy love. It’s seriously soft and warm and I can’t wait to whip it out for this year’s Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day on Friday. Another slightly garish – yet brilliant – festive warmer is my fleecy mitten-pocketed hooded cape which I’ve worn to death already just lazing around the house. It’s the toastiest item I own and it’s so nice to wear when you’re just sitting in front of the TV relaxing.

Last but not least, picked up a new pair of footlet slippers which come complete with the cutest festive pom poms – no doubt they’ll spend the majority of the next few weeks, including Christmas Day, glued to my tootsies *wriggles toes in fleecy warmth*

I guess that’s me all Primark-ed out for at least….. a few weeks?


6 thoughts on “The Haul #9: Primark perfection

  1. Nice stuff! (And I love the Christmas header!)

  2. She says:

    Nice! I looked for those super cosy tights the other day and couldn’t find them! Maybe next time. x

    1. Ah yes do keep looking! They’re sometimes a bit tricky to find and can often be buried in amongst the others. Definitely worth the hunt though! x

      1. She says:

        Thanks, I will have to try harder! My tights all have holes in!! Susan x

  3. FloralBelle says:

    how much were there fleece lined leggings? I need some thay are deffinatly not see though as i will be wearing them onstage with lights 🙂 x

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