* oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree *

The five best bits: Attending the British Independent Film Awards for the first time – from which I have just returned. I got to meet so many amazing people – hello Julie Walters – and had a bloody delightful evening. Thanks so much for having me Moet! + picking up some last minute festive bits and pieces in Primark. I’ve got slippers, PJs and a delightful Christmas jumper. Even G managed to find something he liked. It’s a Christmas miracle + my first Shake Shack – review coming later this week – which was really goooood + kicking off my Christmas wrapping. There’s nothing to get you in the mood more than whipping out that paper and ribbon + a Sunday afternoon nap. The first (planned) one I’ve had in a while and it was super lovely

Beauty product pick of the week: By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Bronze Moon. I can’t get enough of this shimmery shadow stick which, once applied, hangs around for ruddy ages. A great all-day option for your lids

On the agenda: hopefully a bit of sleep. I’m ruddy knackered post-BIFAs

News flash: James McAvoy in Filth is one of the most impressive film performances I’ve seen in a while. Whatever you do – go and see it. Soon.

Pause for thought: it took me a bit by surprise how much I was effected by the seriously sad news of Nelson Mandela’s death and I really hope that we can all keep continuing his legacy in a way that would have made him proud

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* getting our snooze on at the cosmos *


* if christmas were a lipstick *


* chilly weather wanderings *


* get in my face *


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