For those of you that aren’t familiar with micellar water, let me lay it down for you quickly. Micellar waters are super gentle, alcohol-free cleansing waters with tiny drops of oil suspended in a water solution. They remove make up quickly and effectively without drying or stripping skin – the ideal simple cleansing step really.

In the past year, dozens of different micellar waters have popped up from a huge variety of brands, from the most cost-effective drugstore varieties to the more luxurious high-end brands. I’ve tried and tested my way through a number of different ones and these are the four that have left me the most impressed…

First up we have the Bioderma H20 Micellar Solutionpossibly the most well-known and most certainly the most hyped of the whole bunch. From beauty bloggers to backstage make up artists at Fashion Week, Bioderma has become one of the most popular micellar products out there – which is ironic as it’s probably one of the hardest to get hold of. But, it’s now available in a number of UK-based pharmacies and I tend to stock up whenever and wherever I can!

If you suffer from more blemish-prone skin (hand goes up), there’s also a Bioderma formula for oilier skin – the Bioderma H20 Sebium Micellar SolutionAlmost identical in formula to the normal version, it is ever so slightly stronger in its cleansing powers and contains ingredients which are aimed at tackling the skin’s excess sebum production which leads to blemishes. Despite this, it remains just as gentle and won’t strip or dry skin.

If you can’t find Bioderma anywhere near you, there are also some other – pretty brilliant – drugstore options too. The first one is the La Roche-Posay Physiological Micellar Solution which, much like the Bioderma, comes from a much-loved French pharmacy brand. It’s pretty much scentless and will remove pretty much all traces of make up – including eye make up – without stinging or hurting at all.

The new kid on the block, for me certainly, is the L’Oreal Skin Perfection 3-in-1 Purifying Micellar SolutionTo me, it seems like the strongest of the bunch and it’s most definitely the one with the strongest scent. It’s still gentle, but perhaps not the best option for those with *super* sensitive skin.

For me, the winner will always be Bioderma – I find the Sebium option ideal for times when my skin is particularly blemish-prone and the original option is equally effective for the (rare) times that my skin is spot-free. I wouldn’t suggest using micellar waters as your *only* cleansing step – follow up with something a bit more deep and intense, I like a good balm personally – and I certainly don’t think that they can replace the toner skincare step. But as an effective alternative to make up remover and a quick and easy pre-cleanse, they’re the best option out there.


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