Coconut* boots coconut body oil £2.50 *

As much as I’m a fan of all the fancy moisturisers, creams, treatments and lotions that line the shelves of my bathroom, there are times when you just want to turn to something a bit more simple for your daily (or, dare I say it, hourly) injection of moisture.

During these horrendously chilly winter months, my skin becomes seriously dry and in need of some additional TLC. So during yet another lunchtime trip to Boots, I popped a tub of Coconut Oil into my basket, having heard some bloody brilliant things about its ability to soothe and soften horribly dry and scaly skin (nice). At just £2.50, it seemed like a fairly safe gamble and I was eager to see whether something so cheap and cheerful could provide the relief that I was looking for.

Oh boy, did it.

Depending on the temperature that you keep it in, the coconut oil starts off as an almost lard-like solid balm which slowly melts into an oil upon contact with warm skin. Unlike a lot of other body oils however, this one leaves very little mess and can be massaged into skin quickly and easily without any muss or fuss. Take the time to give elbows and knees an extra once over because the results are pretty superb. Dry patches quickly become a thing of the past – my scratchy elbows were eradicated after just three days’ use – and skin feels so much more soft and healthy. Not bad for £2.50, eh?

It’s not just your body that can benefit from the coconut oil either – I’ve been slicking this stuff on my lips, hands and even the ends of my hair (just the teeniest blob warmed in your hands and rubbed on the ends of damp hair) and have seen pretty epic results on all counts. Provided you’re a fan of coconut-y scents too, I fail to see how you can go wrong with this pot of thrifty, effective and sweetly-scented goodness…


One thought on “Superbly simple: Coconut Body Oil

  1. I’ve been meaning to pick this up for years now… maybe now I’ll have to stop into Boots and try this out for the winter! X

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