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* tbt halloween 2012 *

The five best bits: a weekend at home with Claire, Ed, Jacob and newborn baby Tillie. It was bloody bliss + Sunday afternoon lacrosse in the sunshine + my first PIzza Express is ages. Dough balls, massive Romana pizza, the whole she-bag. And it was bloody brilliant + an epic live performance by Grace Jones. Absolutely superb + spending the afternoon with some newborn baby piglets. The cutest things ever

Beauty product pick of the week: Origins Make A Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Treatment. Overnight nourishment for skin that’s in need of a boost. It’s the ideal antidote to the bitter winter winds.

On the agenda: Christmas shopping. I know, I know, it’s so early. But I need to get my booty in gear if I’m going to get ready in time!

News flash: is it just me, or is London getting busier by the minute?! It’s pretty manic out there ladies and gents…

Pause for thought: do you ever just fancy taking a break and doing something a bit different? I keep getting the urge to drop everything, head on an impromptu holiday and escape for a bit. Not so sure how soon that’ll happen but I’m thinkin’ about it.

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* vogue babes *

* so cute but oh so expensive *

* so cute but oh so expensive *

* sweet and spicy for autumn *

* sweet and spicy for autumn *

* such a babe *

* such a babe *


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