I know that powder is one of those products that people either love or hate, use religiously or ignore entirely. Personally, I’m a powder lover – in my humble opinion, make up just doesn’t feel finished unless I’ve swept some powder over the top to polish everything off.

There are a huge variety of powders out there, with something to suit every need imaginable, from smoothing and finishing to setting to adding some additional coverage. So, I thought I’d give you a quick bit of insight into the powder line-up that is currently dominating my make up routine…

First up, we have the bareMinerals Original SPF 15 Foundationa product which has been part of my core cosmetics collection for many a year now. The great thing about this powder is that it can be used in a number of different ways – by itself as a foundation, on top of a foundation to add some additional coverage, as a setting powder which will help to blot out any shine and as a mid-day make up refresher. The options are endless. I’m currently using this as a final make up step to set my foundation and add some additional coverage on those days when my skin is feeling a bit meh

Next up, the Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot. This translucent powder is the perfect pick for anyone looking to combat shine, while helping to set their make up. Used either in the morning or throughout the day, its lightweight finish is ideal for anyone lusting after a bit of invisible help. Similarly, the Bourjois Java Rice Powder is brilliant at giving skin a bit of a boost mid-way through the day. The subtly shimmery finish gives skin some added radiance and the silky smooth finish leaves make up looking fresh as you like, even if applied just as the day is drawing to a close!

Last but not least, the newest addition to my collection – and one that I am most proud of – the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette. Unlike any other powder in my make up arsenal, these really are the be all and end all when it comes to powder products. I dedicated a whole post to these just a couple of days ago, so I won’t drone on again – but trust me, if you’re as big a powder fan as I am, you need these in your life.

And while my powder line-up may look pretty well-stocked, I am always on the lookout for something new – Soap & Glory Kick Ass powder is already on my radar but please do let me know if there are any others you think I need? 


7 thoughts on “The powder line-up

  1. Rebecca says:

    God I couldn’t live without powder. It’s one of the three make-up products I would class as essential. You have reminded me I need a new one. My current one is a bit dark now the summer has left us far behind 😦

    1. I had that issue too and had to restock! Although luckily with translucent powders it isn’t too much of a prob. What one are you using? x

      1. Rebecca says:

        It’s just a cheap Lasting Perfection powder from Collection. I actually use it a bit like a bronzer now to add some colour to the areas I want it. I have such pale skin I don’t get on well with bronzers anyway.

  2. rosemarychristinemakeup says:

    I absolutely love bareMinerals foundation! It’s so versatile!

    1. Me too! So many different uses. I always have a pot handy! x

  3. tessgalen says:

    I want that Hourglass palette more than I want air…

    1. It was such a tricky decision to make because I know how expensive it seems. But I’ve used it every day since getting it and I have no regrets at all about investing…! Even if it means I’m stuck eating beans for a while! xxx

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