* a gaggle of grey goose geese *

The five best bits: hanging out with Alfie and George while spending the weekend at home + the amazing cake cooked up by my ma and Vlads as a welcome home surprise + a five-day week. Sheer bliss + taking another trip up to the top of the Shard. No matter how many visits I make that view remains just as breathtaking every time + Sunday sushi supper. Gobble

Beauty product pick of the week: Essie Cashmere Bathrobe nail polish. I can’t get enough of that subtle shimmer-flecked grey

On the agenda: Halloweeeeeeeeeeeen *insert spooky-ness here*

News flash: batten down the hatches ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got a storm a’coming. According to reports, Hurricane St Jude is due to hit the UK sometime in the middle of the night, bringing with it torrential rain, gale-force winds and a fair amount of destruction. Stay safe this evening everyone

Pause for thought: it’s important not to let the more frustrating things in life take over entirely and prevent you from seeing all the good stuff. And given how much good stuff there is in my life, it’s something I really should learn to remember more often

If you’d like to see more of my Instagram photos, please do pop over there and follow me @CharlieLankston


* go shard or go home *


* home sweet home *


* new jewels *


* travel supplies *


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