Hourglass3* hourglass ambient lighting palette £56 *

Every once in a while a beauty brand launches a product that just makes me stop in my tracks and swoon. The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette in one such product. Launched earlier this month, the palette includes three mini shades of Hourglass’ amazing ambient lighting powder.

Two shades already included in Hourglass’ ambient light offerings – Dim Light and Radiant Light – have been combined with a new limited edition shade – Incandescent Light – to create a perfect powder trio that is sure to meet the make up needs of even the most picky powder user.

Having drooled over the Hourglass powders on many an occasion, never daring to give into temptation and take the purchase plunge, this palette offered the perfect opportunity for me to try out several shades for a much cheaper price – perfect for anyone, like me, who found the £38 price tag attached to a single full-size powder a bit overwhelming.

Now, I’m aware that, at £56, this palette isn’t the most wallet-friendly option, but holy heck is it worth the monies. With each powder offering something slightly different – but all working beautifully well to set make up – there is so much to work with. Personally, I prefer Dim Light (left) for everyday use – it has no shimmer or sparkle but just adds a hint of radiance – Incandescent Light (middle) to highlight and contour – it is much more pearlescent than the other two options – and Radiant Light (right) to add a subtle warmth and glow to skin – the golden colouring helps to warm up the face more than the others.

Each powder leaves the most perfect finish and they all really help to add that extra oomph to your foundation, blurring imperfections, bringing warmth and radiance to your complexion and ensuring that your foundation remains intact all the livelong day.

Plus as an added bonus, you get a sample size bottle of Hourglass’ Mineral Veil primer, which – when paired with the lighting powders – ensures a pretty perfect finish which lasts throughout the working day. Needless to say, I’m now desperately lusting after the full size version of the Mineral Veil but that’s a story for another time.


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