A slight variation from the usual beauty posts today but I wanted to take the chance to introduce you to the newest members of our family: Alfie and George. Sadly these beautiful balls of fluff aren’t living with me in London – sob – but are happily settling into my mum’s house, where they have been the source of much aw-ing and ah-ing from pretty much everyone who has laid eyes on them.

Needless to say, after spending just two minutes in the presence of our new kitties, both G and I were desperate to get one (or two, or three) of our own to bring back to London. It’s amazing how much we both miss having animals around the house and I’m having to work really hard to resist the urge to book an impromptu trip to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home to discuss the idea of us getting our own cat.

It seems as though so many people have become cat owners in recent weeks; my Instagram and Twitter feeds have been flooded with adorable pictures of kittens being brought home for the first time and it’s making me all the more desperate to give into G’s pleas for a cat of our own – although I know my mum won’t approve.

Either way, we’re heading home this weekend to spend some time with Alfie and George – and my family of course – and I could not be more excited. Bring on those kitty cats.


One thought on “Two new additions

  1. G says:

    We’re getting two Maine Coons and we’re calling them “Mandu” and “Usha”

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