HappyLight2* bourjois happy light luminous serum primer £11 & ultra-covering concealer £9 *

Goodness gracious me, are Bourjois bringing it in the beauty stakes at the moment, or what?

With a series of seriously impressive new releases over the past few months, plus a few more goodies yet to come, I’ve been completely bowled over by their various offerings. From the beautifully lightweight Java Rice Powder to their perfectly pink self-adjusting Blush Exclusif, the brand have wowed and delighted beauty lovers the world over with their unique range of budget-friendly beauty.

More recently, Bourjois have released a new line of foundations, serum primers and concealers called Happy Light. The range focuses on glowing, happy and healthy-looking skin with a simple, yet effective group of products. I’m currently trying out a few different foundations in the hopes of finding something suitable for my skin so for the time being have focused solely on the Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer and the Happy Light Ultra-Covering Concealer

Now those that know me best might be slightly surprised to see that I plumped for the luminous primer over the matte offering, but, despite fighting a constant battle against mid-afternoon shine (it’s a killer), I love it when a primer adds an extra radiance or dewy glow to skin rather than leaving your complexion looking flat. So, how does the luminous primer weigh up? It blended into skin really well, without leaving any residue, and smoothed over any major imperfections, which was great. In terms of luminosity, the effects are subtle – nothing quite so powerful as the BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector for example – but still noticeable and I did feel it really helped to lift my face. Ideal for first thing in the morning!

The concealer is a pretty thick consistency, which may not suit those with more dry skin types. It didn’t seem to cake on my skin but also didn’t have the same blendability and many of the other concealers that I like to use. It works wonders in terms of helping to conceal big red blemishes, but be prepared to put in a bit of elbow grease when it comes to the blending bit. Otherwise though, a good offering and one which will work really well for those of you with oilier skin.

So there we have it – another hit for the babes at Bourjois. And yes, now that you mention it, I’m ever so slightly annoyed that I exercised so much restraint and failed to pick up the foundation too. And the matte primer for that matter. Skipping of to Boots as we speak.


2 thoughts on “Happy go lucky: Bourjois Happy Light

  1. nyrmirez says:

    I wish we had Bourjois in the U.S. One of the things on my list to buy when I go to the UK next year is Bourjois products. Great post!

    1. Thank you! So sad that you guys don’t have Bourjois over there. Make sure you head to a big Boots (Westfield is really good) and stock up when you’re here! xx

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