I have to admit that when it comes to my work inbox, I tend to greet around 90 per cent of my emails with something of a sigh and a sullen face. Ever the professional me. But, last week, an email pinged into my inbox with three words in the subject line which resulted in the biggest grin: Work Beauty Sale.

While these may not be a common occurrence in many office buildings, one of the (many) amazing aspects of working where I do in the industry that I do, is the ever-exciting prospect of a beauty sale. For those of you less familiar with what these are, allow me to explain. People working within the women’s magazine industry tend to get sent a whole lot of beauty products to try, test and perhaps feature in their publication. We’re talking daily – nay hourly! – offerings that have me salivating with beauty-induced lust every time I head down to the postroom.

Thankfully, the lovely ladies working at said magazines organise regular beauty sales which allows us, the poor, beauty-starved newspaper journalists, to pick up some of the leftover beauty bits and pieces, while donating to charity. All good.

So, last week, during my lunchbreak, I joined the screaming crowds orderly queue that had formed outside one of our office’s conference rooms in order to stock up on some new beauty items. As you can see from the above, I did pretty good. As well as adding some long sought-after items to my collection, I also picked up a few new shades of items that I already have. My most exciting purchases include the Becca Lip Priming Perfector (my lovely colleague Angella managed to snag the Shimmering Skin Perfector before I could get to it. If she wasn’t such a babe there would have been screams and tears) and the Tube Wringer (not as weird as it sounds – head on over to Estee’s blog for a better explanation!). But on the whole I’m pretty thrilled with everything I managed to snag for myself during the five-minute frenzy that is the beauty sale.

As you can all imagine, beauty sales can be something of a nightmare in terms of organisation. Fighting (however politely) over those sacred sale items can be pretty intense stuff. My tips for handling said tussle? Well…

  • Think about what brands you might want to pick up – and learn what packaging to recognise! It will make it a whole heap easier to pick stuff out of the melee
  • Try not to get over-excited about the cheap prices and the huge – nay overwhelming – variety of products. Don’t pick up stuff just for the sake of it. While I’m all for experimenting and trying new things, that anti-ageing cream for the over-60s probably isn’t going to do your 25-year-old self much good…
  • Take the lids off things and check products before you purchase. Often items have been damaged/broken/smooshed by other enthusiastic buyers and aren’t worth taking home with you!
  • If all else fails, sharpen those elbows and get on in there…

*heads off to wring some more tubes*


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