That’s right ladies and gents – a fashion post. Given that I am one of the least fashion-forward people I know, I usually steer clear of giving my advice or opinion on anything fashion-related, both on this blog and in real life, but after indulging in rather a hefty autumn-inspired fashion shop the other day, I thought I’d take this opportunity to share with you some of my purchases – many of which I’m quite proud of.

First things first, the candles. Now I know they’re not technically fashion-related but I picked these up during the aforementioned fashion haul and thought they were so ruddy brilliant that they warranted a mention. Purchased in Muji – for a mere £3.50 each! – these candles have the most amazing wintry scents – cinnamon and mandarin and log fire – and smell absolutely amazing while burning. Definitely worth a peek for anyone looking for the perfect autumn fragrance.

Now, moving onto the fashion – we got there in the end. The majority of these purchases were made in H&M, which I have to admit is ruddy rocking it of late and you’ll notice that all of them are accessories, which I’ve decided will be my fashion focus this season. Rather than splashing out on entirely new outfits – which I can’t really afford to do – I’ll just use some amazing accessories to spruce up the ones I already have!

The brightly-coloured animal print scarf was picked up at Topshop and adds an amazing vibrant boost to a plain outfit, without looking too over-the-top. As the weather is growing increasingly colder, I’ve also added a second scarf – this time in the form of a patterned knitted number which I’m hoping will help to fight the frostier temperatures. It’s huge, incredibly cosy and can be draped artfully over an outfit to add a bit of texture, as well as warmth! Two birds, one stone, simple.

Moving onto headwear (is that even a word?!) and we have two options. The first is a knitted headband in the most amazing deep green – an ideal colour for autumn. As well as being immensely warm, it also adds an extra somethin somethin to hair which might otherwise be feeling a bit meh. Truth be told, this style of headband is my go-to on those winter days when I want my hair to look interesting without really bothering to do much with it. 

Similarly, my new hat – the item of which I am most proud – was purchased with a view to adding an element of excitement to an outfit. I’m still working out the best way to rock this bad boy but I’m confident that, if styled correctly, it will be my favourite accessory of the season. Here’s hoping for big things. 

So, there you have it. By no means revolutionary, but I’ve hopefully not made too much of a meal of my first fashionable post…? *crosses fingers*


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