Does anyone else reach that moment when nearly all your most-loved beauty basics run out – at the same time?! Said sad incident seems to occur every few months, forcing me to make a much-needed dash to Boots in order to re-stock and replenish those essential products that I just can’t live without. And while they may not be quite as sexy or exciting as my usual impulsive Boots purchases – hello new Essie polish (post coming soon) – without them, I’d be pretty lost.

So, in honour of these oft-ignored staples, I thought I’d share with you all my favourite bits and pieces that make up the backbone of my beauty supplies. FIrst up – and perhaps the least sexy of ’em all – my trusty toothbrush and toothpaste. Despite investing in an electric toothbrush a few years ago, I tend to have a bit of an on-again-off-again relationship with it. Its super duper cleaning power is fab but it’s just a right faff making sure that it’s charged, buying those darned expensive brush bits and there are times when I honestly can’t be bothered with it. Enter the humble Colgate toothbrush. Simple, effective and available in a variety of shiny colours sure to suit any bathroom look going. Ideal.

And to pair with said super duper toothbrush? Well, this is where things get interesting – no, really, it is. A few weeks ago, I met a lovely girl called Gaby who had some of the shiniest white chompers I have ever seen. So pearly white were her teeth that I immediately gave her a good grilling in order to find out her secret (despite having only known her a few hours). And what was it you ask? The Oral B 3D White Luxe – the newest addition to my toothcare regime and one which I’m hoping will help me to achieve some seriously super white teeth a la Gaby. Watch this space.

Moving on from the slightly bizarre topic of oral hygiene – now there’s a weird phrase – we’ve got the trusted Tangle Teezer, possibly the best hairbrush ever. Having been a devoted Tangle Teezer user for many a year, I was devastated when mine went missing during my trip to Turkey last month. Thankfully, there were plenty in stock at my local Boots and a new replacement was purchased quicker than you can say ‘knotty hair’. Phew.

Sticking with the haircare, allow me to introduce you to my latest purchase – the Remmington 2-in-1 Ribbon Elastics. Designed as both a hairtie and a bracelet (not quite so sure about that bit…), these brightly-coloured hair accessories claim to offer the same strong hair-holding ability as a normal hairtie but without any pain or snagging. Sadly they don’t quite manage to tame my ridiculously thick mane as well as my usual super-strength options, but they do look much more attractive and serve as a perfectly adequate alternative for those days when I just need my hair off my face as opposed to ensuring it remains anchored in a sturdy top knot for 24 hours at a time. In other words, they’ll do.

Last up, we have the Garnier 5 Second Perfect Blur. Ever since first purchasing this primer earlier this year, I’ve been completely hooked and it has quickly become one of the most essential staples within my beauty collection. I’m now on my third tube and am happy to report our relationship is as strong as ever. I think it’s love.

What essential items do you find yourself stocking up on regularly?


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