A few weeks ago I was invited to a launch event for Claire’s new beauty range. I have to admit, I went along not really sure what to expect, having been completely unaware that Claire’s really offered a proper beauty collection. Oh how wrong I was.

Having been through a complete re-vamp and re-brand, Claire’s Beauty offers a huge selection of products, all at an incredibly low price point, yet almost all offering exceedingly good quality and value for money. From brushes to eyeshadow palettes, nail polish to lipstick, the whole range is bursting at the seams with a variety of shades and innovative products.

My personal favourites? Well… The eyeshadow palettes were one of the first things that caught my eye – I think there are around six in total – and each offers a good range of shades varying from the everyday wearable to the more out-there brights. The colour pay-off is good and the staying power is pretty impressive; they aren’t going to match up to some of the higher end brands, but for a good quality, low cost option, they are a winner.

Next up, the brushes. And no it’s not just because they’re pink – although that did make me seriously excited. The huge range of brushes includes something for everyone, including a few double-end options that are ideal budget-friendly space savers. The synthetic bristles are soft to the touch and don’t leave you with a bristle beard as so many cheaper options tend to!

Any nail polish lovers are sure to fall head over heels for the lacquer collection that Claire’s have rustled up. There are hundreds of options, including a number of textured finishes and a wide range of nail art kits which are beautifully packaged and will make brilliant Christmas gifts for any fellow beauty fans out there. The quality of the polish is superb and the Claire’s topcoat is seriously impressive. Just a quick slick of it over my polish left my nails chip-free for a week. No mean feat.

Last but not least, the lipsticks. Much like the nail polish, the shade variety is huge, offering a collection of colours to fit every need. While the staying power isn’t superb, the application is good and they aren’t too drying like a lot of cheaper lip products.

What do you guys think about the Claire’s beauty range? Did you have any idea that it was so extensive?


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