As I’ve mentioned a couple of times recently, my hands have been suffering from some serious dryness which just won’t seem to budget no matter how many moisturisers, hand creams, body butters and treatments I try to use. One of the worst affected areas by these horrendous hand dehydration has been my cuticles; due in part I think to my constantly-changing nail colours – all that nail varnish remover y’know? – and partly because of all the aforementioned reasons.

Needless to say, my cuticles were in need of some serious TLC. After swearing to myself that I would go at least two weeks without wearing any nail polish – my lacquer stash has never felt more neglected – in the hopes that my cuticles and nails would benefit from having a bit of a breather, I set about pulling together the perfect package of products to keep my cuticles under control.

The Tweezerman Precision Cuticle Nipper is the perfect tool to help trim away any hangnails, dry cuticles – nice – and any other unwanted bits. Once those are taken care of – and, a word of warning y’all, make sure you’re extra careful when using any uber sharp tool like this, over-zealous efforts can result in some nasty scrapes – I give each cuticle and nail a healthy dose of the Body Shop Almond Nail and Cuticle Oil, taking the time to let it sink in and work its magic, before using the cuticle tool attached to the lid to reign back those bad boys.

So far so good, but by no means fixed entirely. Next up comes a coat of the Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening Base & Top Coat. Now I know what you’re thinking – I thought you said no nail varnish?! – but I like to think of this more as a treatment which is aimed at helping my nails to grow stronger and remain nourished thanks to its vitamin-rich formula.

Last, but by no means least, I swipe a quick slick of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream on each of my cuticles, to give them an added boost of moisture. The thick formula takes a while to soak in, but when it does – oh boy – do my fingers feel good. Well worth the 20-odd minutes of waving my hands around like a mad person while waiting for the product to soak in once and for all.

After just over a week of sticking to this routine religiously – every other night, without fail – combined with regular use of my favourite handcream, my hands, nails and cuticles are already looking a whole heap healthier. Who knows, I may make this nail detox thang a more regular occurrence. Maybe. Now somebody hand me some polish, stat.


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