As always, ever so slightly late on the monthly favourites, but, as they say – better late than never. This month has seen me re-discovering some old favourites, as well as adding a couple of new gems to my collection.

Skincare-wise, I have two brilliant bits to share with you. First up, a product which you may be familiar with – the Pixi Glow Tonic. One of those hard-to-find, must-have products revered by bloggers and beauty lovers alike, this one took me a while to lay my hands on but boy was it worth it. Created by the lovely ladies behind independent beauty brand Pixi, this exfoliating toner is full to the brim of botanical loveliness which leaves skin looking sparkly bright and super soft. What’s more, it’s gentle enough for everyday use and costs a whole heap less than its high-end alternatives (think Clarins Daily Exfoliant or Biologique Recherche P50).

Second on the skincare list is the NUDE Cellular Renewal Moisturiser, a rich, nourishing formula which helps to heal and restore skin that is feeling a bit on the battered side. While the thick formula is usually a bit heavy going for my liking, my skin has been feeling a bit over-sensitive of late and this, used just before bedtime, has been the only thing keeping it calm and under control.

Moving on to the make up marvels, we have the Soap & Glory Glow All Out, a beautiful highlighting powder which adds the perfect peachy sheen to skin, giving a natural-looking glow that is perfect for pared-down beauty days. Incidentally, I would seriously recommend checking out the whole range of Soap & Glory powders – every one that I’ve given a whirl so far has left me seriously impressed.

Next up is another old favourite, the Make Up Forever Mat Velvet + Foundation. When it comes to foundations, I tend to flip and flop between several options, never feeling truly content with what I’m wearing. But having unearthed this former favourite at the back of my stash a few weeks ago, I couldn’t help but give it another go and y’know what? I’m seriously impressed. The lightweight formula is easily buildable and it leaves my skin looking completely matte for the whole day without being in any way dry. Winner winner.

Last but not least is another fairly new addition to my arsenal, in colour at least. I’m sure y’all are well aware of my love of the Mayeblline 24-Hour Colour Tattoos and when I spied this new shade – Pomegranate – in Boots I couldn’t resist the chance to take it home. While I was initially quite hesitant about the rich red-ish shade, I have to admit I’ve been won over and have been layering this on my lids day after day since buying it.

Now into September – and autumn! – we go. Despite loving the summer months more than anything, I have to admit I’m quite looking forward to bringing back a bit of a winter beauty wardrobe. I’m feeling dark lips, autumnal tones on the nails and frost-bitten rosy cheeks. Delightful.


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