I recently repurchased a tube of the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Tinted Balm; despite not being completely convinced at first, a few months of gradually increased use and I was hooked. So when it came to repurchasing this ever-so-slightly pricey product, I didn’t really hesitate to take the plunge.

However, having now had tube number two in my possession for about five weeks, I started to notice a clear oily liquid leaking from it whenever I tried to use it – cue girly screams of grossness. I tried to sort the situation out myself – some squidging, some shaking; I even put it in the fridge – but nothing seemed to get rid of this oily excess.

So, the reason that I’m sharing this story with you? Well, after my aforementioned (failed) attempts to eliminate the oil, I popped into Space NK to see what advice they had. I was helped by the lovely Assistant Manager at the Kensington shop who talked me through exactly what had happened to my Skin Tinted Balm. She said:

* The product had not ‘gone off’ or past its recommended ‘use by’ date but had instead likely been affected by the heat

* The oily residue leaking out of the tube was in fact a key ingredient in the Skin Tinted Balm: avocado oil. One of the most nourishing aspects of the product, it helps to keep skin feeling silky smooth and soft

* The balm and the oil should blend together again really easily – if you come across a problem like this yourself, don’t write off the oil, it’s a key element of your product and shouldn’t be wasted!

* Apparently the reason that this happens is because the product is entirely natural – unlike many other foundations, moisturisers and BB creams, it doesn’t have any chemicals to preserve it and bind all the ingredients together. Much like with many natural products, when subjected to extreme heat, they can go a bit bonky. But that doesn’t mean that the goodness in them is any less good. Don’t panic, keep working with it and try to keep your beauty products in as cool and shady a place as possible

I should also mention that the lovely Space NK lady – I’m so sorry I forgot to ask you name! – did offer to replace my product another tube, or with something else that might be more to my liking. Pretty superb service if you ask me. Ever eager to persevere with a challenge however, I’m still going strong and am happy to report that, after an overnight fridge session and a lot of shaking and squidging, the Skin Tinted Balm appears to have returned to normal.

Have any of you found that your beauty products have been adversely affected by the heat?


One thought on “Seeking some summer advice in Space NK

  1. Carina says:

    I love it when customer service actually helps you out!

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