I’m going to level with y’all: work has been pretty darn tough these past few weeks. With dreaded deadlines, additional stresses and heaps more responsibility all weighing down on my shoulders, it’s been hard to find time to breathe. Needless to say I’ve relished every opportunity to escape the manic atmosphere in the office and have all to often on these brief excursions found myself seeking the familiar surroundings of my local Boots where I couldn’t help but pick up the odd product or two.

In all honesty – and I know how bad this sounds, before you even start tut tut-ing – I think it was just the not-so-cheap thrill of purchasing something pretty and new that made me feel that much better, as opposed to the excitement at the prospect of the product itself. Shameful I know, but I’m happy to say that each one of those brief impulse purchases has actually resulted in more of a long-term love and I’ve found some brilliant new budget-friendly items – plus one not so budget-friendly bit – that look likely to remain in my make up arsenal for a while to come.

First up, the Dove Pro-Age Nourishment Hand Cream. Since taking up cycling to work – that’s right; so healthy – I’ve found that my hands have been getting drier and drier, mainly as result of the windier weather that we’ve been experiencing recently. As well as offering amazing anti-aging properties – I’m told your hands are one of the first things to go – this lightweight, yet nourishing cream leaves my hands feeling silky soft, without any leftover oil or residue. Perfect for gals on the go, particularly those on two wheels!

Next up is the L’Oreal Absolute Make Up Remover for Eyes and Lips. Having tried, tested and been impressed by L’Oreal’s new micellar offering – it doesn’t quite stack up to the brilliance of Bioderma but still worth a go – I was eager to try some of the brand’s other more recent products and, with my intense mascara and eyeshadow habit showing no signs of slowing down, this seemed like the ideal choice. 

Similar to the Clarins Eye Make Up Remover in its formula – put simply, it has a blue bit and a clear bit that you mix together with a bit of vigorous shaking – it does a pretty impressive job of removing any and all traces of eye make up, without leaving that all too familiar oily residue that is too often a symptom of using a proper make up remover. Thankfully, this product also comes without the stingy side effects and you can quite happily sweep it across your lids without any fear of it causing even the tiniest bit of pain. Plus, it looks all shimmery in the bottle when you mix it *does happy dance*

The Indeed Labs Pepta Bright buy was motivated purely by my rather well-documented love for the brand’s wonder product, Hydraluron. Eager to add another amazing bit of Indeed Labs genius to my skincare arsenal, I couldn’t resist the Pepta Bright promises of a more even skin tone, brighter complexion and generally happier face.

Last – but by no means least – is my new wash bag from Ted Baker. A completely unnecessary purchase, yes, but just look at how cute it is! Plus – and I’m not just saying this to justify it to myself – it’s the perfect size for a week away and fits anything and everything I might need while on holiday. And really, what’s yet another beauty bag between friends, eh?


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