Dove2* c/o dove pure care dry oil for hair £9.99 *

As I’m sure many of y’all know by now, I’m really bad at keeping up with regular hair cuts. Despite seeing split end after split end develop, I just can’t bring myself to head to the hairdresser for fear that they will chop off more than I am willing to part with. A sad fear, yes, but a very real one.

Enter the latest products from Dove haircare, the Pure Care Dry Oils For Hair, a selection of treatment oils aimed at smoothing and nourishing all manner of hair types, from dry to greasy, young to old.

What I love in particular about this range is the fact that they offer an oil targeted specifically at mature hair. Now while I haven’t quite reached that bracket just yet – almost, not quite! – I know plenty of older people who are always on the lookout for specifically targeted haircare treatments and I’m thrilled to report that this one seems to do the trick quite brilliantly, at least that’s what all my *older* friends tell me.

In terms of the ‘normal hair’ offering, it works an absolute treat. Thick enough that you don’t feel the need to use endless amounts of products, yet lightweight enough that it doesn’t leave any oily residue, or leave your hair feeling heavy and weighed down. Used on damp hair – which I then allowed to dry naturally (lazy alert) – I found it left my barnet feeling brilliantly soft and smooth, with reduced fuzz and frizz and an added bounce and shine. Pretty impressive, particularly in the current heatwave!

Given that this product is just £9.99 per bottle – which by the way are wonderfully luxurious glass, no plastic here friends – it boasts some seriously immense results that have left me shunning everything else in my haircare drawer (yes, an entire drawer) and reaching for this and this alone as my post-hair was treatment. Just two drops rubbed into the ends from the mid-length and I’m sorted for silky smoothness until the next wash *flips glossy mane over shoulder*


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