* selfridges brilliant beauty box *

The five best bits: Sunday morning shoe shopping with the lovely Meebs + Friday night work drinks which may have gotten ever so slightly out of hand (Saturday in the office was HARD) + defeating level 30 of Candy Crush. So sad but so so satisfying + the new gel-padded seat cover for my bike. HELLO comfort + watching The Man in the Iron Mask for the first time in years. Even with long flowy girly locks Leo is still totally swoon-worthy

On the agenda: work – shocker – but other than that I’m hoping to take some time this week to work my way through everything in the Selfridges Festival Beauty Box. Wash out pink hair dye you say? Yes please.

News flash: we in August people. Already. As in nearly at the end of summer. What the actual flabbergastery?

Pause for thought: there are so many fun and exciting things going on throughout the summer that I sometimes forget how important it is to enjoy a bit of quiet time. So this afternoon has been devoted entirely to chilling out, watching movies, doing a bit of blogging – and watching G sleep off his hangover

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* if only percy could party on all tissues all the time *


* henry holland casually climbing out of his ice cream van *


* the best shampoo & conditioner combo around *


* swoon *


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