ByTerry3* by terry ombre blackstar in bronze moon £27.50 *

I don’t know about you guys, but I have something of an impulse purchase problem; I see something, I want it, I buy it – without a second though – and just deal with the economical consequences later on. Not the most ideal shopping method I think you’ll agree. 

So, in an attempt to protect and preserve my savings, I’ve been trying to take my time with each new purchase, particularly when it comes to beauty. With this most recent addition to my cosmetic collection however, all sensible thought flew out the window mere seconds after the first swatch.

The first thing that struck me most about the By Terry Ombre Blackstar is its extraordinary staying power. Unlike the majority of cream-formula eyeshadows, this product does not shift, crease, slip or slide – at all. Even after a full day of wear and tear, the beautiful bronze colour remained on my lids, as bold as ever.

Secondly, the formula of this eyeshadow pencil is simply superb. Creamy, blendable and seemingly completely crease-resistant, it trumps pretty much every other eyeshadow in my collection – even my much-loved Maybelline 24-Hour Colour Tattoo. The final advantage of this dreamy delight is the ease of application. The precision pencil-like packaging make it super simple to apply, no matter how precise you need to be.

Indeed, the only disadvantage to the By Terry offering, in comparison with the Maybelline option, is the price. When I first saw the cost, my jaw dropped. But, despite the initial shock, I just couldn’t walk away. For anyone hoping for a more budget option however – entirely understandable! – the Maybelline options are superb (y’all know I love ’em) and I’m told that the Kiko Eyeshadow Penciles are equally as wonderful (consider them ordered!).

Perhaps if I limit myself to wallet-friendly drugstore purchases for the rest of the month – or no purchases at all… – it will make up for this over-the-top impulse buy. Right?


3 thoughts on “Bronzed brilliance: By Terry Ombre Blackstar

  1. theunicahija says:

    That is gorgeous! The price is slightly off putting, but it’s so pretty. 😦

    1. I have to admit, the price did put me off for a few minutes, but it was just such a beautiful product that I couldn’t resist! xxx

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