Essie3* essie summer 2013 collection £12.99 *

Summer has arrived ladies and gentlemen and I could see no better way to celebrate the warm weather than with an impulse beauty purchase. The Essie Summer 2013 Collection is a beautiful selection of cute-as-a-button mini polishes taken from their summer edit. 

Each shade offers the perfect pop of summer colour for your nails – and all three contain the most subtle sprinkling of tiny gold flecks which, when stuck under the sun create a beautiful shimmer without being in-your-face glittery. A sophisticated sparkle if you will. 

Now, the stand-out shade for most people in this range is Sunday Funday, a bright pinky coral that seems to have won over a whole hoard of fans – and not just because of the cute name. Controversially, I’m on the fence with this shade. I’m not quite sure that it suits me all that well and, despite it being the first shade that I hastily whipped out of the box – you know me, I’m not good at resisting the hype – it’s actually the shade that I’m least excited about bizarrely.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the winner for me is Naughty Nautical, a bright sea-green turquoise that looks so flattering on nails and highlights even the tiniest bit of a tan on your hands. Perfect if you’re stuck in an air-conditioned office all day, gazing hopefully out at the sunny skies. Granted this is just one of many turquoise polishes I have in my collection, but it’s certainly a stand-out.

Last but now least, Full Steam Ahead, a lavender lilac that conjures up images of bluebells and spring flowers. At least for me. I was slightly dubious about this shade prior to trying it out, but just one wear in and I’m digging it – particularly on the toes as a bit of something different.

Formula-wise, these perfectly petite polishes stay true to the Essie quality seal of approval and, when sandwiched between a tip top base and top coat will last a good 4-5 days sans chips. One last thing to mention, despite their teeny tiny size, these bottles do come complete with the full, fat Essie brush, making application an absolute dream

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to test out Sunday Funday on my tootsies to see whether it sits a bit better. 


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