Vintage2* c/o the vintage cosmetic company nancy eyelashes £6, tweezers £8, eyelashes £7, emery board £2, angled shadow brush £8 *

A few weeks ago I attended the second birthday party for beauty brand The Vintage Cosmetic Company. As well as treating us to some tasty treats and drinks, the lovely people at the Company also sent each of us home with a bag of goodies so that we might sample some of the company’s most popular offerings.

What struck me first about the products is just how pretty they are to look at. The delightful floral design and fun girly packaging make these some of the most attractive products in my ever-increasing beauty collection.

In an odd twist of irony, the brand doesn’t actually sell any cosmetics, but instead produces an amazing range of tools and accessories to compliment your existing beauty collection.

My favourite products from the bunch are the tweezers and emery board; the flowery print won me over completely and both of these items are great good-value alternatives to some of my other favourites.

In total honesty I’m not sure what the hair powder is for – I was told that it’s dry shampoo but it acts more like a volumising spray… It’s not on the website either so sadly I can’t tell you much more. It does pack a hefty punch though – just a couple of sprays have me some serious volume and kept me going through the day.

When it comes to eyelash colours, I have to admit to being quite narrow-minded: I stick to what I know and I know what I like and that’s the ever-impressive Shu Uemura offering. However, given how much cheaper this beautifully-packaged alternative is I was happy to give it a go and, while not perhaps quite as amazing as the SU curler, it does the trick and has been set aside as a reliable back-up if ever my much-loved favourite should fail me.

I think the least useful bit out of this beautiful bunch are probably the eyelashes and the eyeshadow brush. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good brush but I already have several similar eyeshadow brushes that just can’t be beat by any alternatives. That’s not to say that this Vintage alternative isn’t one to bear in mind for the future, I just don’t think it will come in particularly handy at the moment. One to save for a rainy day perhaps.

Eyelash-wise, I’m just a complete and utter noob when it comes to wearing these bad boys. I can’t get them on – and when I do I blink them straight off – and if they do survive the night, I usually end up several eyelashes down when I take them off… I’m never one to say no to a challenge but I think it’s best if I donate these beauties to a more skillful friend!

What do you guys think of the Vintage Cosmetic range? Have you ever tried any of their products?


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