* blurry-eyed drunken fun at the pre-wimbledon party at kensington roof gardens *

The five best bits: an impromptu breakfast gathering with Emmy, Jess and Ham – the perfect way to spend a Sunday morning + late night fun at the official Pre-Wimbledon Party on Thursday night, although it did make Friday all the more tricky… + Friday night feasts with Bems and Jan. Nothing like a three course meal to kick off the weekend + finding a hidden stash of Pop Tarts in my local Tesco. Yes, it sounds trivial, but I’ve been craving those bad boys for blaady ages + rediscovering season 1 of One Tree Hill; Chad Michael Murray, HELLO

On the agenda: Work (surprise!) and a whole heap of other boring stuff. I’m hoping I can find some time in there for a bit of fun with friends…

News flash: Cold, hot, cold, hot, cold, hot. WHAT IS WITH THE WEATHER?!

Pause for thought: I had quite a stressful week this week and I really let it affect me a lot more than I ever have done before. With things as manic as they are at the moment, I really need to learn to keep my cool and not let things get to me so much. It’s only a job, it’s only a job etc…

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* ysl manifesto, new perfume swoon *


* the sweetest sweets ever *


* grazia photobomb *


* celebrity snogs at charlotte tilbury’s rock n kohl *


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