* photo courtesy of stethoscopesandrunningshoes *

* photo courtesy of stethoscopesandrunningshoes *

Goodness. Gracious. What a week.

It seems utterly unfathomable that it’s already Saturday evening and yet at the same time I can’t quite seem to remember what happened on Monday it seems that far away. Needless to say my brain has been slightly scrambled by the unbelievable level of activity that has been occupying it over the past few days.

From work to work to more work, things built up on top of each other so quickly that it left me short of breath. But, the time has now come to take a deep breath, take stock and take some time to recover.

To all of you who take the time to read my blog – however many or few of you that may be – please don’t be put off by my lack of posts over the past week. It may sound silly but I’ve been left with a genuine feeling of emptiness having been unable to blog and I fully plan on powering back on with things as soon as is physically possible!

And to my ever-patient and supportive friends and family – and to the ever-understanding and ever-tolerant G – thanks again for everything you do to make sure that I have all the support and help that I need to keep on top of life, without you all I would have lost my shit (excuse the French) a long ass time ago.

Y’all are, in a word, awesome and I couldn’t be more grateful to have you in my life.


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