* trying mac’s lady danger on for size *

The five best bits: attending the BT Sport Industry Awards on Thursday and getting the chance to relive the incredible achievements of Team GB during last summer’s Olympics + managing to string my own lacrosse stick without cocking it up (too much) – worth a pat on the back me thinks + spending much of my weekend indulging in a Revenge marathon + taking a delightful stroll in the sunshine + enjoying a delicious lunch with friends

On the agenda: I’m going to allow myself a bit of time off this week. After vowing to commit to a week-long detox, I actually spent even more time than usual running around like a headless chicken last week. This time around, when I say rest, I mean actual rest…. Honest!

News flash: we are, ladies and gents, in the middle of a sunny bank holiday! Since when does that happen!?

Pause for thought: I have some things to ponder over and think about work-wise and that’s taking up a lot of my thinking power at the moment. The cogs they are a-whirin’

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* a cheeky wish list purchase from zara *


* amazing pick n mix cart at the sport industry awards *


* i cannot get enough of this stuff *


* a superbly decadent light fixture *


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