MSF4* c/o mac mineralise skinfinish extra dimension in superb skinfinish £21.50 *

The MAC Mineralise Skinfinish has long been one of the most reliable, go-to products in my make-up collection and never seems to disappoint when it comes to creating that perfect, radiant highlight. There are enough shades available to satisfy even the most discerning of make-up lovers, while the quality of the product itself has won the praises of beauty fans the world over. Easily blendable, providing a subtle – yet radiant – glow, it really is the ideal product for anyone looking to give their skin a bit of a boost. How could it possibly get any better?

Enter the updated version of the amazing Mineralise Skinfinish – the Extra Dimension range – which uses the same gel/powder hybrid formula as the Estée Lauder Pure Colour Illuminating Powder Gelée. This unique blend melts into skin, leaving a stunning shimmer with just the smallest about of product.

Applied with my Real Techniques Contour Brush, just a swift sweep of the product across cheekbones and brow bones gives the complexion an instant boost, ideal for skin which has been feeling slightly lacklustre in the current winter weather!

Colour-wise, Superb Skinfinish – one of three Extra Dimension shades – is a rose-tinted champagne beige, complete with subtle silver undertones, a totally unique colour that is unlike anything else I have in my collection. To me, the shade seems very similar to that of Estée Lauder’s sell-out hit, the Modern Mercury Illumniting Powder Gelée, so if you missed out on snagging one of those – this might well be the product to fill that gap in your highlighter collection!

Be warned however, the Extra Dimension range is one of those collections that could entice even the most frugal of shoppers into making a pretty impressive purchase. Despite having only just added this bad boy to my collection, I’m already busy eyeing up the stunning collection of eyeshadows… Ladies, lock away your purses.


3 thoughts on “Something superb: MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Extra Dimension

  1. Tippy Temperley says:

    I need this is my life. Off to mac after work. Thank you for a brilliant review! x

    1. It is honestly the prettiest product in my collection and is just the most amazing colour!

      Worth absolutely every penny.

      Let me know what you think! xxx

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