Stories3* & other stories blusher £10, eyeshadow brush £7, ipad cover £39 and la bruket candle £18 *

Earlier this week, I found myself on Regent Street with a few minutes to spare and couldn’t resist the opportunity to pop into the newly-opened & Other Stories, an amazing new clothing and beauty shop owned by the clever people behind high street favourites H&M and Cos.

You may have already heard a little bit about this latest consumer gem but if you’re not familiar with the concept, I’ll give you a quick intro! & Other Stories is a Scandinavian brand that sell a huge range of own-brand fashion pieces, beauty products and accessories, as well as a few additional choice brands from little-known beauty bits and bobs such as L:A Bruket to the more well-known fashion brands such as Nike.

Price-wise, the fashion bits and bobs sit somewhere between H&M and Cos – the majority of pieces are priced really reasonably, are of a beautiful quality (particularly the leather accessories, cue serious swooning) and offer fashion fans something exciting and unique. In terms of the beauty, the brand’s simple, chic packaging and incredible colour selection had been hooked from the get-go and I couldn’t resist picking up just a few items to take home and try.

Fighting a desperate urge to run around the shop throwing anything and everything from the superb selection into my basket, I limited myself to just a small number of products, in an attempt to a) ensure I could actually fit it in my home and b) try to prevent another exasperated comment from my ma about my over-spending (HI MUM!).

First up, the L:A Bruket selection of wonderfully scented soaps and candles. Taking the time to have a good sniff and sample of pretty much every item on the shelf, I plumped for the lemongrass candle, a light, fresh and vibrant Spring scent that is ever-so-slightly reminiscent of my Diptyque Verveine candle.

Next up, the & Other Stories products themselves and oh. my. wordy. what a selection. From the shimmering shadows to the array of beautifully-designed brushes, it was all I could do not to yank everything off the shelves there and then. So, proceeding with caution, I picked up an eyeshadow brush – which has the softest bristles and is perfect for blending – and a bright and bold blusher in Voile Pink, which I feel will look amazing once (IF?!) I manage to get a bit of a tan on my face *crosses fingers*. The product applies really well – I used the Real Techniques Blush Brush and although I haven’t had a huge amount of opportunity to test the wear-time, it seems to last on the skin really well. Winner winner…

So far, so restrained.

It was as I was making my way to the tills however that my resolve faltered. While casually taking one last peek at the accessories section, I laid eyes on the most amazing iPad cover that I knew had to come home with me. Soft turquoise leather, an amazingly chic design and the perfect pocket for storing memory cards and other small bits and bobs, it was love from the word go. Perhaps not quite so restrained after all.

Needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed my first & Other Stories experience and I can’t wait to make a return. I’ve heard wonderful things about the Fig Fiction body lotion (which they were actually sold out of when I went to visit) so I’ll need to pop back at some point to pick me up some of that fruity goodness.

What do you guys think of the & Other Stories store? Have you had the chance to pay it a visit?


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