Bobbi3* c/o bobbi brown beauty rules £17.99 *

There’s not a beauty lover out there who could fail to fall in love with Bobbi Brown’s make-up collection. High quality products, innovative formulas, incredible colour combinations and varieties and a real knowledge about what makes each product perfect for the user.

Much of this superb innovation is down to the founder of this amazing make-up brand, Bobbi Brown herself. A professionally-trained make-up artist, Bobbi built up a huge amount of beauty expertise before launching her eponymous make-up brand, using her years of experience within the industry to create the perfect line of products.

With that much beauty knowledge under her belt there could be nobody better to offer advice on the best beauty techniques, tips and tricks for creating a perfect-for-you make-up routine, ideal for achieving a simple, radiant and natural look.

Enter Bobbi Brown’s Beauty Rulesthe sixth in a line of make-up manuals written by the beauty guru. Aimed at teens and twenty-somethings who are eager to achieve a natural finish with their make-up, the book contains a series of techniques, product suggestions, application instructions and colour and shade ideas, each tailored to suit a variety of skin types and colourings.

Accompanied with a series of amazing images, this book really is the perfect guide for anyone hoping to bring a bit of a boost to their beauty routine, or perhaps just perfect techniques that they already have in place.

Have any of you picked up a copy? What are your thoughts on beauty bibles in general?


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