Handbag2zara city bag, mulberry wallet & diary, cath kidston make up bag, kate spade iphone cover, paperblanks notebook *

I don’t know about you guys, but I love having a really good nose in other people’s handbags. Not in a weird, creepy, let’s have a cheeky, sneaky poke around without permission type look but rather a permitted peak into the darkest depths of that most favoured of accessories.

I should probably point out here and now that on a normal day-to-day basis my handbag is cluttered up with  a lot more receipts, sweet wrappers, hair clips and business cards but I made the executive decision to leave those less-than-desirable bits and pieces out of the picture, for the sake of aesthetics!

First up, the basics: there’s my beloved Mulberry wallet which houses all of my debit cards, store cards – HELLO Boots card – and pennies, my iPhone 5, complete with colourful Kate Spade case, and my house keys, kept together with my limited edition Diet Coke keyring, picked up at a recent event and treasured ever since.

Speaking of Diet Coke, you may notice the can in amongst the other bits and bobs – slightly random I know but really there is never a time when my handbag doesn’t have some kind of Diet Coke supply within it, be it can or bottle. It’s so sad, but I really do need the stuff!

Other essential items include my Diary – another much-loved Mulberry purchase – which helps to ensure that my head remains semi-straight week to week, my Paperblanks notebook, perfect for jotting down endless to-do lists, wish lists and doodles and my iPad, which also serves as a Kindle/movie machine when I’m stuck commuting in the mornings.

Last but not least, some beauty supplies, all bundled together in my spotty Cath Kidston make-up case, picked up on the cheap at Bicester Village many moons ago. Truth be told it has seen better days and I could probably do with picking up a replacement sometime soon but for now, it’s ideal for carrying around some essential beauty bits.

Concealer (Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection), lipstick (currently my Tarte Glamazon 12-hour), eyeliner (Louise Gray for Topshop liquid formula), lip balm (Nuxe Reve de Miel), perfume (a sample-size bottle of the beautiful Diptyque Eau Duelle) and hand sanitizer (I do live in London after all!) are my make up must-haves when on the go but I usually manage to sneak in a few other products on top of those – just in case!

As I often need to head straight from the office to an event, I also usually ensure that I have a few bits of jewellery hanging around dans le handbag, just in case an outfit needs jazzing up slightly before I head out on the town! Hair ties, hair clips and bobbles are also regular fixtures in the deepest, darkest depths of my bag, helping to ensure that my unruly mop stays in line at all times.

What items do you keep in your handbag? Anything that you can’t live without?


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