Revlon4* revlon nail art expressionist and moon candy £7.99 each *

I’m always so envious of those people who seem to have an amazing ability to create complex and intricate designs on their nails with nothing more than a quick flick of the brush. Sadly, my shaky hand and lack of artistic imagination have thus far rather hampered my attempts at any kind of do-it-yourself nail art.

Luckily for me – and my nails – the lovely people at Revlon recently released a new line of nail varnishes designed specifically for those hoping to get a bit more creative with their nail colour, without having to pay a visit to their local salon.

Enter Revlon Nail Art Expressionist and Moon Candy, the latest release from the much-loved drugstore brand. We’ll start with the Moon Candy range, a delightful selection of shades that come complete with one single-coloured base coat along with an amazingly glittery top coat. The colour combinations are all seriously swoon-worthy and make for the perfect perk-up for anyone looking to add a bit of something extra to their normal nail colour.

Ever eager to indulge my love of the colour turquoise, I plumped for Galactic, a beautiful inky blue base coat accompanied by a bright turquoise glitter top coat – each with their own brush and bottle attached together in a handy tube. Formula-wise they apply easily and offer a good opacity with just one coat; the dry time is a little long, particularly when you have to wait for one shade and then the other, but other than that it’s pretty darn perfect. A quick slick of my favourite Seche Vite topcoat and I was good to go with nails that lasted for a good three days without chipping. Perfect.

Next up the Expressionist range – I opted for the Pop Art collection – a set of colour combinations aimed at those wanting to try their hand at some different designs. Each product comes with one single-colour base coat, complete with normal nail varnish brush, while at the other end you’ll find a second plain colour with a super-thin brush, perfect for drawing more detailed designs (like the above heart – creative I know!).

Formula and dry time are very similar to the Moon Candy range, however a word of warning, don’t be too hasty to apply the second colour – in my excitement I went straight in there with my snazzy heart design, painting up a storm, before realising that I had more blue polish on the brush than I did pink. What a failure. Nevertheless, I got myself back on track and ended up with a pretty impressive set of nails – if I do say so myself! Truth be told my left handed application needs some serious work, but all in all I was pretty proud of my work.

What do you guys think? Not too shabby for a beginner right?

As far as I know, the Nail Art collection has only just been released in the UK (I actually picked these up as part of my America haul a few weeks ago – thanks G!) but already I’ve spotted them popping up in a variety of Boots and Superdrug shops so if you fancy picking up a couple, that’s the place to head!


4 thoughts on “Nailed it #2: Revlon Nail Art

  1. themakeuphound says:

    These look simple but really effective! Brilliant. I need to get into nail art – im always a year late to the party! 😉 x

  2. faizas7 says:

    They look fantastic! I love the ‘moon candy’ one! Can we get these in the UK do you know?

    1. You can indeed! They are available at a lot of Boots and Superdrugs I think – you can get them on the Boots website too! xxx

      1. faizas7 says:

        YAY! I’m going to go and take at them in the Boots website right away!

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