Diptyque1* c/o diptyque home candle in verveine and tubereuse £40 each *

There’s nothing like a good Spring clean. While I’m not so hot on the actual cleaning part of things, I love any excuse to have a good sort-out; wardrobes, make-up storage, bathroom cupboards, kitchen cupboards, you name it, I’ll Spring clean it.

So when my faithful supply of luxury candles, hoarded carefully from both Christmas and my birthday, ran out, I seized the opportunity to have something of a fragrance-themed Spring clean, shelving my most-loved winter scents (almost anything with cinnamon and spice) in favour of some fresh new fragrances.

As luck would have it, just days before my most recent Jo Malone beauty burned away entirely, I received two new-to-me fragrances from the delicious-smelling Diptyque range…

First up, Verveine, an amazingly light lemony fragrance that leaves the room smelling wonderfully citrus-y for hours after it’s finished burning. Laced with an almost herbal edge, it is the ideal fresh fragrance to brighten up a room, conjuring up images of lemon trees and sunshine allowing you to forget for a minute that the world outside is grey and damp.

Having been burning this bad boy for a few days now, it’s safe to say I’m completely hooked on its unique citrus-y scent.

The second candle added to my now-vast collection is Tubéreuse, a floral fragrance that fills the room with a fresh and subtle scent unlike anything else. Be it rain or shine outside, this candle helps to bring a bit of Springtime sunshine into the flat, leaving me feeling ever so slightly less desperate for some *actual* warm weather.

So, two superbly sweet scents to see me through the Springtime; what are your go-to fragrances for this time of year?


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