SicknessMorning all. Just a quick post to express my utmost apologies for my lack of posts during the last few days. I was struck down by what I think was the flu – body aches, sickness, headaches, fever, the works – and was subsequently confined to my bed for several days while I worked my way through the worst of it. (See the above picture for a sneak peak into what my life has entailed for the past few days…! The buffalo’s name is Barney FYI.)

I do have to take this quick opportunity to say an enormous thank you to G for looking after me while I was playing the part of the invalid – despite looking worse than I think I ever have before he didn’t recoil in terror and run away but stayed by my side (albeit wearing a makeshift medical mask at all times!) and made sure I was right as rain again before allowing me to return to normal day-to-day life.

Luckily I’ve now come through the more severe stages (I HOPE) and will be spending my first day back in the office attempting to get through the full working day before heading home for more sleep and maybe another few episodes of Gossip Girl (I’ve managed to watch three seasons in as many days…).

For now I’m going to focus on getting 100% fighting fit again and beating this bug once and for all. Fists of fury (vitamins and water) at the ready, I’m going into battle.


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