My beauty collection has gone through something of an evolution in the past few months; products that I once thought I would be unable to live without now seem far less important, while products that I would never have thought to use previously now fall into the ‘must-have, can’t live without’ category.

One of the most significant new additions to my day-to-day beauty routine is, without a doubt, eye shadow. Now I know that for most people eye shadow is, and probably has been for a while, a standard – nay, integral – must-have in their make-up bag but for me it’s a relatively new addition and I have to admit, I’m hooked!

Enter RMK, a brand that is relatively new to me, but one which quickly caught my eye with its sleek packaging, amazing shade range and unique formulas.

I managed to lay my grubby paws on both of the eye shadow formulas within their collection – the Ingenious Powder Eyes and the Ingenious Jelly Eyes – each in a beautiful shimmery shade that I couldn’t wait to try.

First up, sticking with what I know best, the powder formula, which is available in around 40 shades I think – plenty there to satisfy even the fussiest of beauty lovers! In terms of the application, I found this particular shade – Shiny Yellow Gold – to be quite sheer and it added more a shimmery sheen to my eyelids rather than an actual colour.

By no means overly ‘glittery’, this does add a really nice subtle sparkle to lids – ideal for nights out when you feel like adding a bit of extra glamour but probably a bit to shimmery for me for an everyday look…

The formula does have good staying power however and applies quite nicely – once I’d realised it wasn’t going to create a lot of colour and stopped layering it quite so much! – so would work really well for a night on the town.

Next up, the rather unique jelly formula. In terms of consistency and feel, this product is quite similar to the Estée Lauder Pure Color Illuminating Powder Gelée but with a slightly weaker colour pay-off.

Colour-wise, I’m actually a big fan of the shade; it’s perfect for creating a brown-based smokey eye and seems to really bring out the blue tones in my eyes which I really like. Not sure I would plump for such a dark colour all over the lid but I’m currently loving this as a contour shade applied in the creases with Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoo in Pink Gold as a base. Beautiful.

What are your current favourite eye shadows? Any others that I should have my eye on?




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