* the most beautiful bouquet to brighten up the office *

This week started as it meant to go on, with a rather busy, but entertaining, evening spent dashing around the Evening Standard Film Awards where I got a chance to meet the beautiful Eddie Redmayne *swoon*.

From there on out it was non-stop for the rest of the week with work event after work event, eventually culminating in a rather over-the-top night out that saw me hauling myself into the office rather later than usual, much to my co-workers’ amusement. Safe to say that will not be happening again any time soon (ever).

Determined to get myself back on track, I’ve spent rather a tame weekend working and playing lacrosse. While I’m sure it will be back to business as usual come Monday, I’m perfectly happy to spend what’s left of my Sunday relaxing with a delicious roast and a good game of rugby on the TV – GO ENGLAND!

I hope you have all have lovely weeks.

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* a very rare sight: a clear morning sky *


* champagne fountain of fun *


* stylist’s rundown of all the best beauty products launching in 2013 *


* haha: bojo *


One thought on “Famous five #34

  1. Bemsy says:

    You did NOT meet Eddie Redmayne. He’s only the ruddy love of my LIFE! Next thing you’re going to tell me is that he sent you that bouquet of flowers haha! Anyway, looks like you had a lovely week.
    Bemsy x

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