birthdayAs I may have mentioned *once or twice*, it was my birthday last week. Never one for low-key subtlety, I spent the whole week celebrating the big birthday in one way or another, finishing off the week with an amazing dinner party with some of my favourite people.

While G was sadly out of the country – sob sob – I was surrounded by so many brilliant people who all helped to make the evening one I will most certainly never forget. My flatmate Adam cooked up the most incredible feast for everyone (goats cheese starters, meatball and spaghetti, the works), while H, Jessie and Poppy all contributed to the pudding portion of the meal (salted caramel torte, birthday cake, birthday cupcakes, GOBBLE).

Needless to say it was a pretty spectacular evening full of cracking conversation and endless giggles with a few party poppers thrown in for good measure.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped to make my birthday so special, it was an amazing privilege to celebrate with such a lovely bunch of people and I can’t think of a better way to kick off the year. Here’s to 25 and all that lies ahead.










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