* kerastase age recharge shampoo £15.90, kerastase ciment anti-usure conditioner £18.90, kerastase nectar thermique £18.90 *

* kerastase age recharge shampoo £15.90, kerastase ciment anti-usure conditioner £18.90, kerastase nectar thermique £18.90 *

If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram or any other social media site, it’s highly likely that you are now well aware of my recent haircare turmoil. Having resisted haircuts for over two years, my hair was in the most disastrous condition – we’re talking split ends almost up to the roots, endless frizz and crispy dryness that could not be cured no matter how much conditioner I used.

As you can imagine, that wasn’t such a sexy look. So, last week, I braved a trip to the hairdressers for a much-needed trim. My lovely hairdresser Ellen was, of course, horrified at the state of my lacklustre locks and after much to-ing and fro-ing, we decided on a good two inch chop and I have to admit, post-cut, my barnet has never looked better.

But, as with so many good things in life, the battle for beautiful, sleek hair is far from over. Now comes the post-cut care. Prior to my haircut, I tried and tested numerous products in the hopes that something would repair the self-inflicted damage and dryness! From Ojon (a tip top favourite – the damage reverse range is incredible) to the bare basics like TreSemme and John Freida, I’ve worked my way through a whole load of products but oddly, Kerastase hasn’t ever been one of them.

Until now.

The wonderful Ellen suggested the Kerastase Resistance range as the perfect antidote to my ongoing dryness – it basically acts as a filler for your hair, helping to heal all of the broken holes left by any split ends, while also leaving hair feeling far more nourished and healthy. The Nutritive leave-in treatment seals in all this goodness, while also protecting hair against any heat (hair dryers, straighteners etc) and smoothing down any stray frizzy bits.

Despite only using these products a couple of times, I’ve already noticed an incredible difference – the combination of a haircut and these wonder products is working miracles on my once-crispy locks and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

In addition to the wonderful snip and the product recommendations, Ellen was also on-hand to dole out some much-needed haircare advice which I wanted to share with all of you:

* When it comes to shampoo, less is more. Take the amount of shampoo that you would normally use and half it. More often than not, the product in your hand should roughly match the size of a 20p piece. Shocking I know but lather is not the only indication that shampoo is doing it’s job! Lightly massage the shampoo into your ends before running any excess product from root to tip with your hands. Easy peasy.

* Conditioner is very similar – don’t overload your hair with product, but do take the time to let it sink in before rinsing.

* Before applying your conditioner, squeeze any excess moisture out of your hair. This will allow the hair to truly soak up the conditioner.

* Tying your hair up – even with the ties that claim to be anti-break – will do damage to your hair, with longer hair suffering even more. I love a good top knot so this is a really tricky tip for me to come to terms with but, over the last couple of days, I’ve made a huge effort to keep my locks hanging loose, only resorting to the trusty top knots in times of desperation.

What are your most-used hair products/hair tips?




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