*so much cheese*

BRRRRRRR, what a bloody chilly week! Thankfully, our heating has finally been fixed so I no longer have to spend my evenings wrapped up in an endless supply of blankets with hot water bottles tucked into my clothes (oh yeah, that happened).

This week seemed to fly by in a bit of a busy rush, luckily finishing in a nice relaxing Sunday lunch back at the homestead. While I only managed to spend 18 hours at home, that tiny amount of time did me the world of good and it was so nice to see my family and kick off my birthday celebrations! Just a few days to go now until I reach that scary quarter of a century – eep – and it was truly lovely to begin the birthday surrounded by my much-loved family.

Top that off with an immense visit to Costco – I cannot get enough of that bulk buying! – and you have yourself a pretty happy lady. Now I’m going to focus on happily soaking up the remainder of my weekend with a massive mug of tea, a nice dinner and a couple of leftover cupcakes.

I hope you all have lovely weeks.

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*i’m still such a child*


*the best biscuits make for the best train treats*


*spending a snowy sunday at home*


*a snuggly warm snow-motivated purchase*


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