30108_10150201932415072_5702859_nA break away from the usual posts today – fret not, normal service will be resumed imminently – with a moment of thoughtfulness.

With my 25th birthday fast-approaching – *shock, horror* – I’ve been feeling somewhat sentimental recently and wanted to share with y’all a quick minute of reflection.

It seems like a huge amount has happened over the past year – starting one job, moving to another, moving house (four times), buying a car, the list goes on – not least the creation of this lovely blog, which has fast become one of my favourite day-to-day activities.

None of this would have been at all possible however, had it not been for the unwavering support of my friends and family. Without a doubt, my life would have crumbled to pieces long ago had it not been for the continued help of my nearest and dearest.

So, I suppose what I am trying to say is Thank You. To all of you who have continued to support me no matter what crazy, ridiculous activities I decide to get involved in. You know who you are.


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