I’m a huge fan of Origins products – they’re all-natural products seem to work really well with my skin and I find that every time I’ve tried something new from the brand, I’ve been left thoroughly impressed.

So when I found this exfoliator nestling under the Christmas tree, I couldn’t wait to give it a go. Full to the brim of fresh fruit extracts – including a potent enzyme found only in crushed papaya – this face polisher is an amazingly natural treat for any skin type.

The small exfoliating beads within it are small enough to cause no irritation to skin but still leave skin feeling soft, smooth and fully cleansed. Not to mention it smells utterly incredible!

While I don’t find it leaves me with quite the same tingly sensation as my REN Micro Polisher, the Never a Dull Moment Polisher is a brilliant everyday alternative and leaves my skin feeling nicely cleansed without any dryness.

Smelling like freshly-cut papaya is just an added bonus!




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