*december glossybox £10*

As much as I love my beauty products, I have been really hesitant to invest in a Glossybox subscription, despite the number of bloggers that have sung their praises over the past few months. My mind was made up for me however, after I was given my first box – the festive December edition – as a present from a friend. Never one to pass up an opportunity to test out some new products, I awaited the arrival of my box with much excitement…

Now before I jump on into my review, let me offer a quick explanation as to what the Glossybox is, for those of you as yet unaware of the craze. A Glossybox is a pretty parcel of five themed beauty products – both tester- and full-sized – that are delivered to your door each month at a cost of £10 (+p&p) per box. Think of it as a Graze box for beauty lovers if you will.

This months theme? Bejewelled: a little bit of luxury delivered through each product.

My first thoughts upon opening my Glossybox was the unbelievably pretty packaging – encased in an immensely handy silver box, the products were wrapped in some beautifully festive paper and ribbon, making the whole process of unwrapping it that much more special and enjoyable.

Inside this month’s box, I found:

* Rituals Magic Touch body cream (70ml worth £5)

* Seche Nail Lacquer in Magnifique (full size worth £9.95)

* Lemon by Mary Greenwell Eau du Parfum (tester)

* Sleek Colour Lipstick in Matte Stiletto (full size worth £4.99)

* Argentum La Potion Infinie (tester)

* EXTRA: Kroylan for Glossybox blusher in Glossy Rosewood

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARituals Magic Touch Body Cream

A really rich and creamy whipped body cream, this product is perfect for anyone suffering from dehydrated skin this winter. It smells delicious – light and floral – and soaks into my skin beautifully. I’m quite a big fan of Rituals products already so was pleased to see this mini tube in the box. It’s a great size to pop in my gym bag too and will be ideal for using on the go.


Seche Nail Lacquer in Magnifique

Any beauty lovers among you are sure to have heard of the wonders of the quick-dry Seche Vite top coat, a brilliant product that has long been coveted by nail art lovers across the globe. So imagine our delight when Seche announced that they were launching a lacquer range and to find a full-sized bottle in this month’s Glossybox? Uh-mazing. While the metallic pink colour isn’t quite my cup of tea – it’s a bit too Barbie for my taste – I immediately whacked on a coat just to see how it fared in comparison with the top coat. I wasn’t disappointed. It applied easily, dried quickly and left me with lovely glossy nails. Perfect. Think I might have to invest in a colour I actually like now…


Lemon by Mary Greenwell Eau du Parfum

While I’d never tried any Mary Greenwell fragrances myself, I had read enough negative reviews to be fairly apprehensive about the tester bottle nestling in my Glossybox. Turns out my fears were completely valid; this fragrance is incredibly overpowering and – in my opinion – totally unappealing. It’s so strong, despite only dabbing the tiniest drop on my wrist, the smell lingered throughout the day, a thick, cloying fragrance that reminded me of the scents often found in industrial cleaning products. Not my bag at all.


Sleek Colour Lipstick in Matte Stiletto

I was really pleased when I popped the cap of this lipstick and found a bright, gleaming red inside – the perfect colour for Christmas! I found the matte shade a bit drying on my lips but after a quick slick of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream over the top and I was ready to roll. While the full colour didn’t last on my lips for too long – to be fair I was stuffing my face full of festive food – it left quite a nice postbox red stain on my lips which was actually quite a nice effect! A lovely addition to the box.


Argentum La Potion Infinie

Call me crazy, but I have a huge thing against tester sachets of sample product. I always find myself wanting more – there’s never enough in there for more than one application – and the packets are just bloody irritating to use. Those (perhaps petty) feelings aside, I wanted to embrace every product in my Glossybox with an open mind, regardless of the packaging! La Potion Infinie by Argentum is a (seriously pricey!) anti-ageing cream which ‘utilises the inherent strength of silver to deliver a natural, super hydrating, restorative anti-age cream’. Now, I’m all for forward planning and I have been known to indulge in a light anti-ageing formula every now and then but given that I’m only 24 – which the people at Glossybox do know – I can’t say I’m that excited about trying out this product and it’s thus far remained unopened at the bottom of my make-up box… My bad.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEXTRA: Kroylan for Glossybox blusher in Glossy Rosewood

I love a good freebie – who doesn’t?! – so I was thrilled to find this Glossybox own-brand product hidden in the December box. A really nice matte dusty rose colour, this blusher is the perfect product to create a lovely everyday glow. Ideal for any pale cheeks looking for a bit of a boost during the cold winter months! And according to the wonderful Sunday Girl, it’s a great dupe for MAC’s Mocha blush. An added extra that has certainly brightened up my make-up bag.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo there you have it, my very first Glossybox. In all honesty, I’m still a bit undecided about them… While I loved some of the products sent with this month’s box, I can’t say that I’ve found any of them to be particularly mind-blowing. While it’s true that the Glossybox does offer a great opportunity to try out new things, you are leaving yourself at the mercy of the lovely packaging people in terms of what products you get and I know that some people have often been left disappointed with what their box has to offer.

For now, I’m still um-ing and ah-ing… What are your thoughts? Are you a Glossybox fan or a less-than-enthusiastic critic? Let me know – comment below!


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