First of all, Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all had an amazing time celebrating and that you’re feeling thoroughly stuffed and satisfied following all the food and fun of yesterday’s festivities. To give you a bit of light relief from all the Christmas craziness, I thought I’d post a quick beauty review of the REN Micro Polish Cleanser.

I’ve been wanting to try this scrub for a really long time, so when ASOS announced they were offering 20% off on all purchases it gave me the perfect chance to indulge and treat myself.

The REN Micro Polish Cleanser is a fruit acid-based facial exfoliator designed to rid your skin of impurities, brighten your complexion and leave your pores clear and your face feeling fresh. As with the majority of REN products that I’ve tried, this scrub delivers all that it promises and more.

It’s easy to use, feels fantastic on the skin – not too harsh or ‘gritty’ – and leaves my face feeling revitalised and refreshed after every use. This is one of those amazing polishers that leaves you wanting to stroke your face for hours on end, just to better appreciate the softness of your skin. *No? Just me? Oh…*

Apart from the bizarre yellow tint on my tube – thanks for that ASOS – this product is pretty much perfect. Definitely one to add to the favourites list I think.




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