*mulled wine*

It’s so close to Christmas and I’m near giddy with excitement; my final festive countdown is full to the brim of all the amazing things that I’ve seen and done in the past few days. Christmas is the most beautiful time of year and I just can’t get over the amazing transformation that our homes and our lives go through every year.

The smell of mulled wine fills the air and everywhere you look there are twinkle lights sparkling through the horrifying rain and drizzle *incidentally Mother Nature if you felt like sending some snow, some frost, a bitter festive chill – anything festive! – it would be much appreciated*.

There are so many things to look forward to over the next few days, not least relaxing at home with my family, finishing off my wrapping and mulling more mulled wine than I know what to do with. What better way to while away the hours until the big day!

Until then, here are a couple of my favourite festive things that have kept me full of Christmas cheer over the past few days.


*beautiful festive florals*


*i fell in love with this week’s christmas cover of stylist. so beautiful*


*more mulled wine with friends*


*the perfect tree*


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