*hot and spicy mulled wine*


And to celebrate, I’ve spent my week soaking up as much Christmassy culture as humanly possible. From the serious shopping trips – Westfield has never seemed so daunting – to a trip to Southbank’s annual Christmas Market, this week has been packed full to the brim with festive fun. We even managed to fit in a trip to Leicester Square’s Prince Charles Cinema for a Die Hard trilogy marathon! Given that the first two films are set at Christmastime, I’m going to count that toward one of my festive activities.

Now all that remains is to get through my last working week, tackle the enormous pile of presents and wrapping that are currently all still sitting in their carrier bags in one corner of our room and head home for the holidays!

I can’t wait.


*the finest christmas market fare*


*christmastime is a time to revisit childhood fun*


*in honour of my trip to the nutcracker earlier this week*


*an over the top tree*


One thought on “Famous five #26: festive countdown 3

  1. Bemsy says:

    I am really craving ein bratwurst mit senf! It’s not very Christmassy here in Switzerland, but it is snowy, so it is at least slightly festive.
    Bemsy x

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