This weekend was a pretty big event for us, as G celebrated his 30th birthday.

Kicking off a four-day weekend extravaganza (which sadly kicked off with a burglary incident on Thursday night, sob), we spent much of our Friday eating amazing food – hello Chipotle – watching two amazing movies at the cinema and generally just relaxing and enjoying some time away from the office!

Saturday saw G’s lacrosse team winning their game, with the birthday boy himself storming the pitch to score three goals. One for every decade!

Aside from the phone theft, it really was the most fantastic weekend and it was so nice to have the chance to spend some time celebrating with G.

I thought I would share some snapshots from the weekend that show just a glimpse of all the fun things we got up to…

*tented fun*

*drinks at the edinboro castle in camden*

*with many of our nearest and dearest*

*lots of lovely people all helping to make g’s birthday unforgettable*

*delicious food*

*then there was dancing – lots of it*

*incredible music courtesy of these lovely ladies*

*depressingly, this is the best shot of us from the whole night. what hotties*

It was around this time that my phone was stolen and I became slightly preoccupied with phone calls to the police and cancelling contracts etc so few photos were taken!

Anyway, on to Sunday and Monday…

*christmas time…!*

*nothing like a mid-morning pinkberry to prepare you for the day ahead*

*the natural history museum*

*dinosaur… grrr*

*fairy lights make everything look so pretty*

*birthday cake take 2*


All in all it was an utterly amazing weekend and I am so grateful to everyone who helped to make sure it was a birthday that G will be unlikely to forget!

Happy Birthday G!


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