*no matter how many times i have it i never get bored of wags’ katsu curry*

This week has been full of soaring highs and bottom-dwelling lows; such is life. Following some truly devastating news at the start of the week, the next few days just seemed to be filled with endless challenges and truly tough tasks.

Friday saw a much-needed day off from the office to begin celebrations for G’s 30th! We kicked off with a double-header movie extravaganza at the cinema – Twilight AND Skyfall, just ace – before finishing with some delicious food and a relaxing night in.

Yesterday, on G’s actual birthday, we spent the night in the company of his closest friends, eating some delicious food at The Edinboro Castle before heading onto the Blues Kitchen for some brilliant boogying and some amazing live music.

Sadly my night ended on a bit of a bum note after some hideous specimen stole my iPhone out of my handbag (while it was on my shoulder!). Despite a few tears and a frantic phone call to the police, my phone has yet to re-appear, cue more sobs!

Nevertheless, G had a brilliant birthday and it was so nice to see so many of his friends making the journey to come and celebrate alongside him.

Time for a new week which I’m hoping will get off to a slightly more positive start! Fingers crossed!

I hope you all have fantastic weeks.

*a colour-changing candle. nuff said*

*cinema sweets*

*tfl lols*

*chocolate bread. as in bread… with chocolate in it*


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