*loved the neon signage at crazy horse*

Goodness what happened to the weather this week? It’s suddenly become bitterly cold and, coupled with the pouring rain today, I’m suffering from a permanent chill that seems to go right down to my bones. Thank goodness for blankets, knitwear and the occasional Primark onesie, eh?

On the plus side, the next couple of weeks and months have plenty of fun activities in store to help keep my mind off the neverending cold. From upcoming projects at work to G’s birthday and Thanksgiving celebrations, there is lots to look forward to in the not-too-distant future.

For now, here are just some of the many things that have kept me smiling in the past week.

I hope you all have wonderful weeks.


*poppy pride on the london overground*


*sweet-smelling tissues make a cold that bit more bearable*


*percy is hosting a piggy party with his new pals down at the sty*


*a little luxury*


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