sandwich box – next * moustache ring – river island * moustache watch – asos * moustache pins – urban outfitters * moustache growing guide – next * moustache socks – river island * moustache flask – urban outfitters * handkerchief set – next * tshirt – river island * handlebar corkscrew – next * sunglasses – asos * notebook – next * purse – asos

That’s right ladies and gents, mo bros and mo sistas, Movember is finally here!

For those of you not aware, the wonderful month of Movember (formerly known as November) sees men – and in some cases women! – across the globe coming together to cultivate the most marvellous moustaches. Kicking off tomorrow, the following few weeks will see thousands of mo lovers growing, shaping, combing and waxing all in aid of raising crucial funds and awareness for men’s health issues (with a particular focus on prostate cancer and testicular cancer).

With the number of male cancer sufferers increasing every year, it’s vital that we all do our bit to spread the word about the symptoms and the treatments for these terrible diseases. So, grab your nearest moustache-loving man and encourage him to do his bit this month by proudly parading his best attempt at a Movember masterpiece.

And if you, like me, are without the amazing ability to grow any form of comical facial hair to warm your top lip this month, fear not – there are plenty of other ways to get involved:

* Find your nearest moustache-growing man and sponsor the continued cultivation of his luscious lip hair

* Procure a set of temporary moustache tattoos or stickers to wear throughout the month

* Purchase a piece of official Movember merchandise

* Offer styling tips to your nearest and dearest mo bros – curly-ended, straight and sleek… the options for creating a true mo masterpiece are endless

For any of you taking part in Movember – be you a mo grower or a mo supporter – I’d love to hear from you! Let me know how you’re getting involved and tweet me some pictures of your mo progress @charlielankston.

Happy Movember to one and all and I look forward to seeing what marvellous mo creations you come up with.


One thought on “It’s MO time

  1. mmmarzipan says:

    Great post 🙂 Important cause!

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